Friday, November 22, 2013

Letting Go...

There is a popular saying...

Many have their own way of expressing it.

"If you love something, let it go, if it was meant to be it will come back to you."

It's a lesson of love.  One that does not control.  Selfless.  It's a lesson that we could pocket for many life situations.  One that continues to be studied.

Letting go... sigh... it brings freedom.  WHY?

Because you're not in control.  Never were.  Never will be.

So, we learn to live life letting go!  And what comes back our way will be apart of fate.  A story...

A beautiful story...

Of your journey.

Of learning.

Of love.

Of knowing.

Of just learning to be in this journey that can't be controlled.  Sounds redundant, but maybe it needs to be heard in a meditative state?

You know what? I can't wait see what comes back my way or what comes my way as a result of letting go.

And the things that don't come back...well... I just trust weren't meant to be.  Except, for a moment of learning and great love.


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